TTI London Supper club and cooking class residency

Eat and learn to cook Southern Italian rustic home cooking. 

I have a big announcement to make, and I’m super excited to share. The Tiny Italian will have its first London supper club and cooking class residency at Fifty-seven, East Dulwich, this autumn.

First up, will be a Puglian inspired four-course meal supper club on Thursday 19th September. I will be cooking the food inspired by this beautiful southern Italian region.

Tickets are £39 which includes a welcome drink, and a Filippo Berio goodie bag filled with yumminess. For more information and tickets, read more.

The Tiny Italian is all about sharing the best in Italian food and culture. I recreate my favourite dishes into easy, quick everyday recipes because as some of you know, it’s hard sometimes to find time for ourselves. I strongly believe in both the physical and mental benefits of home cooking. From the social advantages of cooking and spending time with others to being responsible and knowledgeable of the ingredients, you use and consume. I have my heart set on inspiring the younger generation who may feel less confident in the kitchen, to those who consider themselves time-poor. I want to help them to form a better relationship with cooking and food.

Therefore, these supper clubs and classes are part of that mission. I will cook Italian rustic home-style dishes that I often create for friends and family. I will then follow these up with cooking classes where I will teach you how to recreate those recipes at home. Expect, a fun, colourful cooking class. I will offer short cuts and cooking tips so that you can go home and share your new skills with friends, families, and more importantly, with yourself.

So if you would love to take part, keep a lookout for future announcements. Whether that’s socialising and joining others for an evening of rustic home cooking or learn how to recreate delicious meals for yourself or others, I look forward to having you. 

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