TTI Fave: Citalia- Secret Eats – Italian hidden gems

If you’re similar to me when you travel, I try to avoid eating in close proximity to any tourist traps in Italy. Over priced mediocre food is something I try to avoid at all costs while on holiday as it just leaves a shadow of disappointment and a bad taste in your mouth (literally!).  So nothing gets me more excited when given a tip or recommendation of a hidden gem, a restaurant or an ‘agriturismo’ off the beaten track, where the nearby residents like to enjoy the local food. Food that you don’t get to see or eat when you’re back home in the UK.

Citalia, the Italian holiday specialist, have created an amazing new page on their site, Secret Eats . Here you will be able to find a collection of restaurants chosen by experts (including me! ) as their favourite places to eat in Italy. Selected from the various regions in Italy the list includes hidden gems ranging from the Northern Lakes to Southern Puglia. In addition, famous Italian chef,  Gennaro Cataldo shares a few of his own favourite ‘Secret Eats’.


Citalia launches new Secret Eats campaign

Places you can find include:

My favourite Masseria Le Stanzie in Salento, Puglia.

Masseria Stanzie in Secreet Eats for Citalia

A beautiful hidden wine bar, Cantina Follie in Lake Como.

Cantina Follie on Secret Eats on Citalia

A Caprese resturant, Michelangelo on the island of Capri where they offer cooking classes too.

Michelangelo on Secret eats for Citalia

And many, many more.

Check it out!!






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