Peppekish -Neapolitan supperclub-SE London

Earlier on this year, the boy rang me while at work. ‘I think I’ve met someone who loves Italian food as much as you do; he lives in south London and he also does supper clubs.  I told him you would give him call and arrange to meet him’. I felt like I was getting set up on a date by my own boyfriend – he was that excited for me. Obviously it wasn’t a date, but it was to have a drink over a meeting of minds with two people, equally passionate to share their love of Italian food in their own way.

The guy in question was Giuseppe Cimmino, or Peppe, as his friends call him. A Neapolitan, born and bred who I instantly bonded with. You can’t deny Peppes’ passion for cooking especially dishes from his own native land of Naples. More importantly, he is keen to share and cook his dishes in his own way, without having to strictly conform to popular eating trends out there.. His cooking style is his own.

Not long after meeting Peppe, I was lucky enough to personally taste his own cooking at one of his supperclubs – ‘Peppeckish’ which he hosts in his beautiful home in South-East London. That night, Peppe cooked a Neapolitan seafood menu that until today I’ve not been able to forget. Not only were the flavours incredible – Peppe likes to hand pick his ingredients, including getting up at a ridiculous hour to get the freshest produce at Billingsgate market, the dishes were presented beautifully (see pics above). More importantly you could taste the ‘love’ that he put into his cooking.  I wish I could transport those flavours on to this page so you could try them for yourself.

However, I bumped into Peppe only a week ago and he said he had some exciting news regarding a pop up but didn’t want to share anymore news in case he jinxed it. Lo and behold a few days later I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when there it was…Peppes new announcement! He has a permanent pop up coming up every Wednesday at The Hill Station Cafe, SE14 (32 Kitto Rd, London SE14 5TW, closest station New Cross Gate) from 18th October 2017. Here, Peppe will be able to share some of Italy’s best foods, wines and dishes. Follow Peppe’s Instagram account @peppeckish for further information and come join him and others (including me) for a meal you will never forget.



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