Pasta Party – TTI collaboration with Bar Termini

I’m very excited to announce my first event. I’ll be hosting a PASTA PARTY in collaboration with the guys at Bar Termini.

Not only do I love cooking and eating the best in Italian food, one of the things I love the most about the Italian culture is how food brings people. Eating is a family/friends affair. No tv, no phones. It’s the time of day when nothing else matters and you spend valuable time with those that I close to you.

Over the years living in London, I’ve tried to implement my version of this with my friends. I started to call them ‘Pasta Parties’. I’ll cook a huge vat of pasta, whether it’s a lasagna, pasta with ragu or some other pasta dish that I can easily rustle up in enormous quantities. My friends bring the wine; I’ll stick on some vinyl playing our favourite tunes. We spend the rest of the evening eating, drinking and just having a really nice time. Good vibes all around.

Together with the guys at Bar termini we are going to throw you guys our own ‘PASTA PARTY’ on the 20th September, 7pm where we will celebrate the best in Italian food and drink. Menu has been created with the Fat Tony guys who have a pop up there at the moment to bring the best in southern Italian cooking. Expect an evening filled with great food, great cocktails and great music.

Tickets are on sale now here. £30 per head.


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