My Pixxa – Roman Pizza, Aldgate East, London

On Whitechapel road, two minutes from Aldgate East tube station, is My Pixxa, one of my latest discoveries. I literally fell in love with this pizza place and couldn’t wait to rave about it to you guys.

Most of you are probably more familiar with the famous Neapolitan classic round Italian pizza. It has become common to find a pizza restaurant on most busy London streets offering the Neapolitan version

However, these guys do it differently. They do it the Roman style – PIZZA AL TAGLIO – pizza by the slice. The idea is that due to our busy lives in London, offering good quality pizza by the slice allows customers to enjoy this Italian street food classic on the go. In other words, pizza by the slice gives you the opportunity to try a number of different toppings not just one – WINNING.

I have to be honest, before my visit at Pixxa I didn’t realise that there were differences between Roman and Neapolitan pizza. But there is! Roman pizza dough is made with more water, therefore making it possible to re-heat without the crust getting too dry. Plus, traditionally Roman dough is leavened up to 48 hours and the guys at Pixxa use a special mix including soya flour and sunflower oil making the crust lighter, crispier and easier to digest. Tick, tick and tick.

My pixie

Years back, Pixxa owner Simone, spent time with his famous pizza chef uncle in Rome. He then went on to research how pizza places were being run in the Italian capital city. He then brought back a wealth of knowledge and combined with his careers experience in hospitality, he created his Pixxa vision in London. The first opening was back in 2010 in Farringdon, with their second in Aldgate east 2015 and I think he has done an amazing job.

There is a great atmosphere at Pixxa; open, lively, busy. Towards the end of the month, they have an evening where you can eat as much pizza as you like for £8.50, giving you the ultimate pizza party. It’s literally the best. Me and my bestie Marie got really excited and ordered as many as we physically could eat. We didn’t order the same thing twice to ensure we had the best experience. Our favourites include.

Margarita – Classic tomato & mozzarella

Vegan pizza – artichoke and peppers

Potato and Rosemary

Diavola – Spicy salame

Capricciosa- Ham, mushrooms and artichokes

To end the night, I totally recommend not leaving without having a slice of the nutella pizza. Yes, you read that right. NUTELLA PIZZA. Lovely light thin pizza crust with thick layer of hot nutella. Its taking food naughtiness to the next level and beyond. I just wanted to rub it all over my whole face; it was so good.

As well as the delicious food, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of Italian customers queuing up for pizza. It was like their presence gave the pizza an Italians seal of approval and as some if you may know, Italians are renowned to be super critical when it comes to food. So this assured me that I knew I was on to a good thing. The atmosphere and vibe is also fun and the staff are genuinely lovely.  If you can’t make the pizza party at the end of the month, at about £3 a slice of pizza you can’t go wrong.

I don’t write many reviews, as I only ever choose to write about a place I know I will visit frequently. Pixxa is definitely one of those places. I can’t rave enough how good the pizza is here. The crust is so beautifully light, crispy, delicious. With the wide selection of toppings available (including vegan and gluten free options), and the positive vibes, I can guarantee that anyone can create their ultimate mix and match PIXXA party here in London

Pixxa  E1

1 Whitechapel Road
E1 1DU, London
phone: 07468424328

Pixxa EC1

8 St. John Street
EC1M 4AY, Londonphone: 07554990171

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