Address: Richmond Road, E8 3NJ

My date at ‘Lardo’ with my foodie/Michael Fassbender lover pal, Jodie.

Have to say, my expectations were met and a whole lot more. Being half Italian, I can be a little of a food snob when it comes to Italian eateries. However, I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of ingredients, cooking, wine & service.

Jodie and I had a selection of starters including Olives, fennel salami & aubergine ricotta, mint dip . For the record, the dip was insanely good. I must have been pulling a a crazy ‘foodie’ face when I had my first taster. Loved the Sardo ‘carta di musica’ bread that was served with it. Nice touch!


The only thing I would say is that I wish we had chosen another couple of dishes instead of the olives & salami as i did not think they were that special or good value for money in comparison to the other dishes on offer. There was serious food envy going on with the table next to ours who basically had chosen half the menu.

For our main, we both had pizzas and I cant believe when I say this but it was one of the best I have eaten in London.

We shared 2 pizzas. First was a Margarita style, tomatoe, mozzarella & basil; second was a spicy number N’djua (Calabrian spicy spreadable salami), peppers and provolone cheese.

Margarita & Pizza with n’duja, peppers & provolone cheese

The flavours were fantastic and you could taste the freshness & quality of the ingredients. It can make a huge difference when eating as something as uncomplicated as a pizza.

I would only say that I wished that the pizzas had been served up on bigger plates as the crust was hanging over the edge and made it a little difficult to slice up.

Overall, i thoroughly enjoyed our Italian pizza feast. I believe the menu changes from time to time so i am already looking forward to see what i find on my next visit.

Service: 4



Overall score: 12/15




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