Join the Sauce club – Believe in your own sauce

If you answer YES to any of the questions below, the Sauce Club is for you!

Do you find yourself cooking the same meals over and over again and lack the confidence to get creative in the kitchen?

Does the thought of cooking dinner feel like a chore and instead, would you like to fall in love with it?

Would you like to enjoy healthy well-balanced meals without them being complicated and boring?

Would you like to be part of a special, fun, cooking community where aside from learning to cook healthy sexy food, you also end up feeling re-energised?

What is the SAUCE CLUB?

The Sauce Club is an alternative sexy approach to cooking. It’s about taking down those complicated barriers, keeping it simple and bringing funmusic and maybe a little dancing to food.

It’s about taking the most simple ingredients and converting them into something drop-dead sexy while fuelling your body with goodness.

More importantly, the SAUCE CLUB will help you build your confidence in the kitchen, re-energise you, bring you positive vibes and get you dancing in your kitchen while making new friends. You will be BELIEVING IN YOUR OWN SAUCE in no time.

What previous members have said:

For the first time in my life I knew how to shop in a supermarket – as in I knew what fresh ingredients I could buy to make a healthy wholesome meal for my family. Week by week I grew in confidence…..2020 was the year we stayed home and some of us learnt a hobby – The Sauce Club was what I was lacking in my life – without me ever really knowing I was lacking it! 

It has given me the confidence to get back in the kitchen and start enjoying cooking. It has been such a warm and welcoming environment with great food to tuck into at the end of each session. 

 I knew the sauce club was going to be good but it exceeded my expectations! To be honest, taking part in Sauce club felt like a massive treat to me, I’m a single mum and rarely do or pay for anything that is solely for me and I am so glad I did! 

I thought the class was fantastic, loved her energy motivation and I would love to do it again.

Favourite Part – The tips and recipes. I was tired of cooking the same old meals. I loved the easy to follow recipes which had the most flavours. Learning basic cooking skills to help give me the confidence to try other recipes too. Realising that you have to invest In yourself, knowledge is power. If you want to create better meals for you and your family you need to learn first. 

What happens in the Sauce Club, stays in the Sauce Club

  • Be part of a refreshing fun energising cooking community and make incredible new friends.
  • Learn to cook unique, easy, simple, quick Tiny Italian signature dishes that you can’t learn anywhere else. All dishes are well-balanced, healthy and Mediterranean inspired.
  • Learn cooking tips and hacks that will help grow your confidence in the kitchen.
  • Cooking will no longer feel like a chore or burden but something you will actively make time for and enjoy.
  • By the end of the course, your cooking confidence will have grown and you will end up BELIEVING IN YOUR OWN SAUCE.

Whats included in your membership?

  • It’s a 3-month virtual fun cooking club membership.
  • Live Cooking sessions on Zoom twice a month; On Tuesdays at 6:30 pm.  
  • 1-2 hour cooking experience every two weeks. Together, we will be cooking a selection of dishes; starters, pasta, mains and dessert combination. These will be recorded so if you are unable to attend the live experience you can watch it back after alongside recipe cards.
  • Join a Facebook closed community, where you will be able to interact with other Sauce Club members and share your sexy delicious creations.
  • New recipes and ingredient lists will be revealed.
  •  A weekly food planner for mid-week dinner inspiration
  • Find useful cooking hacks and tips
  • My favourite cookbooks, podcasts and tv shows, food products and kitchen utensils
  • A monthly Facebook Live cooking clinic so you guys can ask all your cooking questions
  •  Discounts to any Tiny Italian experiences, including supper clubs and cooking experiences and much more

Start date 8th February 2021

3-month SAUCE CLUB membership is only £180.

Choose a payment plans that suits you:

£180 one off payment.

3 x £60 monthly recurring payments

Membership doors close 5th February, 11pm.

Any questions, please email me at