Gorgonzola, Swiss Card & Pancetta Risotto

If you love a bit of blue cheese like me than this risotto recipe is for you. Threw this together after a Monday night stint at the gym. If you can’t treat yourself to a bit if cheese after a bit of a work out then what’s the point :-).



Ingredients (serves 2-3)

1 onion

100g pancetta, cubed

100g Swiss chard, washed & chopped

300g Risotto

1 litre Chicken Stick

75g Gorgonzola

Olive Oil

  • Fry the onion into the olive oil until slightly browned.
  • Add the Swiss chard, cover & allow the steam to cook the veg.
  • The add the pancetta & fry with the onion & chard.
  • Then add the rice & stir with the other ingredients.
  • Then add stock a ladle at a time, keep on stirring the rice with a wooden spoon. When the liquid has evaporated add more stock & stir. Repeat until the rice is cook.
  • Cube the Gorgonzola & stir into the risotto until it has melted.
  • Serve up.


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