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Ready to embrace healthier eating habits by falling in love with cooking?

Break free from poor eating habits transforming self-neglect into self-love in 12 weeks.

My ‘Cook, Nourish, Glow’ program will help you unlock a positive cooking mindset to love yourself consistently with healthier eating habits.

It’s designed to support you with a unique Mediterranean diet, dolce vita lifestyle and self-care cooking toolkit that seamlessly integrates into your busy life so that in 12 weeks you have transformed your relationship with food, self-care and overall-wellbeing.


You deserve to love yourself with healthier and delicious eating habits

You want to eat better, so you can feel better
but you struggle to find the time or feel motivated to cook healthy food.
Maybe, you're wondering if it's even possible for you..

You're In The Right Place

I have worked with time-poor working women who have struggled to prioritise healthy eating habts and wellbeing due to 'lack of time'. But really, there was a bigger issue.

My clients were challenged with perceived time constraints, leading them to struggle with consistently embracing healthy eating habits. The unhealthy, quick or convenient food options felt like the ‘best’ option when it came to solving hunger.

However, when we dug deep, the main issues were a negative cooking mindset and not prioritising their self-care needs, leading to poor food choices.

I’m on a mission to remove any confusion on how to unlock a positive cooking mindset, making it easier to accomplish healthier eating habits that seamlessly integrate into your busy lifestyle. Every step to success is outlined in my ‘COOK, NOURISH & GLOW’ program.

How Would It Feel To...

All Of This Is 100% Possible For You


"Ultimate self-care"

" The recipes are brilliant, accessible and most importantly delicious. Sometimes I can’t quite believe that I have cooked the amazing food in front of me. Paola is knowledgeable, warm.... Taking the time to cook with Paola, is ultimate self care.”
Charlotte Wright

"Cooking tips to use again and again"

"I'd fallen out with my love of cooking at home and it had become more of a chore that needed to get done each night. Paola has got me excited about it again and given me loads of fun, healthy recipes and cooking tips to use again and again.”
Lauren Irlam

"My relationship with food has transformed"

"My relationship with food and cooking has been transformed. Being busy and tired I used to rely on takeaways and oven ready freezer food, now I can’t remember the last time I had a processed ready meal."
Rebecca Aryes

The old way to improve healtheir eating habits

The current methods don't help you create sustainable healthy habits

Maybe you have experimented with various restrictive diets leading to feelings of deprivation and making it hard to stick to them long-term.

Maybe you have used meal delivery services which are not only expensive but don’t help you develop your cooking skills or a positive relationship with food preparation.

The COOK, NOURISH, GLOW program is not a restrictive diet plan but it's a new approach to healthier eating with simple sustainable cooking habits that you can easily integrate into your life to improve your relationship with food, self-care and well-being.

There Is a Better Way; a Positive Cooking way.

In just 12 weeks, you can have :


A Positive Cooking Mindset

Changing your cooking mindset leads to consistent healthy eating habits.

This mindset shift makes cooking enjoyable, reduces stress, and encourages mindful eating, leading to sustainable healthy habits and a more balanced, fulfilling life.


Improved Wellbeing

Better eating habits enhance your physical and mental well-being.

This mindset shift makes cooking enjoyable, reduces stress, and encourages mindful eating, leading to sustainable healthy habits and improved well-being.


Work-life balance

Healthy eating as part of a balanced lifestyle supports your overall life needs.

Create a harmonious lifestyle where healthy eating and a positive cooking mindset support both your professional and personal lives, leading to balance and well-being.

When these 3 outcomes are established, the doors will open to consistent healthy eating habits while creating positve relationships with food and self-care.

And I'm Going To Show You How!

Hi, I'm Paola Maggiulli

A professional self-care cookery teacher helping time-poor women with healthier eating habits and self-care .

My mission is to help time-poor women consistently embrace healthier eating habits by teaching them how to create simple sustainable cooking habits that will unlock a positive cooking mindset to improve their relationship with food, self-care and well-being.

I’ve made this my life’s work because I have been that person who had to learn the hard way. Everything else in life was a priority, but me.

So now I help busy women to put an end to poor work-life balance, and unwanted stress by helping them change the way they feel about cooking so that they easily accomplish healthier eating habits as a daily dose of self-care.

Not only have their eating habits improved but so has their well-being. Cooking has become that time of day when they can disconnect from the daily grind and be present. They regularly enjoy delicious meals that make them feel-good.


So what is COOK, NOURISH & GLOW?

A program to help you consistently accomplish sustainable healthy eating habits by cultivating a positive cooking mindset - without adding more stress to your life.

Using a unique Mediterranean diet and Dolce Vita lifestyle and self-care cooking toolkit, this program focuses on helping you consistently embrace healthy eating habits by changing the way you feel about cooking. 

This is not a restrictive diet but about learning sustainable habits and techniques that seamlessly integrate into your busy lifestyle improving your relationship with food and self-care.

Cook Nourish Glow Outline

Below you will find out how the COOK NOURISH GLOW program works and what is included to help you consistently embrace healthier eating habits by cultivating a positive cooking mindset.

The 3 steps you will take in COOK NOURISH GLOW:


Mediterranean Confident Cooking

 Understanding how the Mediterranean diet can improve your well-being. Plus learn cooking techniques and habits that you can easily integrate into your busy life so that you easily accomplish healthier eating habits with confidence.


Self-Care Cooking

Connecting with the sensory experience of cooking turns it into a therapeutic and fulfilling practice. Meal preparation becomes an act of self-care rather than a time-consuming task.


Dolce-Vita life Integration

Improve your well-being and work-life boundaries by integrating  Dolce-Vita lifestyle through easy sustainable fun habits to create the balance that you crave.

Plus you will feel deeply supported

I'll be by your side every step of the way

Online support

Access to a client-only space with direct access to me Monday to Friday

1 : 1 online or IRL sessions

12 x 1:1 online calls to support you at each step of the way. There is an option to add in person sessions on request for a hybrid offer.

Planner & tools

A weekly planner to help you stay on track plus tools to help take action and implementation.

In just 12 weeks you will have unlocked a positive cooking mindset so you can easily accomplish healthier eating habits and self-care.

Cook Nourish Glow gives your EVERYTHING you need to love yourself with healtheir delicious eating habits.

Even if you are think you don't have enough time to dedicate to your healthy eating habits

We’ll work together to streamline meal planning, introduce time-saving cooking techniques, and prioritise efficient strategies that seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle. The focus is on creating sustainable habits that fit your unique needs, ensuring that healthy eating becomes effortless and enjoyable, even with a packed schedule.

Even if you believe that eating healthy could be far too complicated for you.

Cook Nourish Glow simplifies the process by providing personalised guidance tailored to your preferences, lifestyle, and skill level. We offer practical cooking tips and techniques, and support you every step of the way, making healthy eating feel achievable and enjoyable.

Even if you are worried that your negative mindset towards cooking could never be transformed

Through step-by-step coaching and practical strategies, I will help you uncover the underlying beliefs and barriers holding you back from enjoying cooking. With our proven methods and compassionate approach, you’ll gradually shift your perspective and develop a positive relationship with cooking that empowers you to embrace healthy eating habits effortlessly.

Even if you are worried that focusing on your healthy eating and self-care will sacrifice more time.

Cook Nourish Glow prioritises efficiency and simplicity, ensuring that focusing on healthy eating and self-care doesn’t demand excessive time. Through personalised meal planning strategies and time-saving cooking techniques, you’ll discover how to integrate nourishing habits seamlessly into your busy lifestyle, ultimately reclaiming time for yourself while still prioritizing your well-being.


"I am cooking more regularly"

"I've noticed a huge difference in my cooking habits and I am cooking more regularly and cooking healthier meals. Paola is so supportive and gives you advice which is manageable and in no way overwhelming, meaning I have been able to make changes at my own pace, without it being a chore.”
Lucy Mullan

"My mindset has shifted"

"I’ve gone from avoiding cooking real food to keeping a few favourites in the cupboard so I know I can cook up something yum & good for me even on those CBA days! My mindset has massively shifted and Paola self love cook approach has made such a difference to how I choose to shower myself with love”
Gabi Brown

"Cooking is now accessible & easy"

"I always knew deep down that there was more to just cooking but Paola made everything so accessible and easy. I often find that cooking can be overwhelming and she helped me narrow down to the products and has now taught me how to make so many dishes. She is a superstar "
Brogan Garrit-Smith

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much time a week do I need to dedicate to this program

Each week, you will have a 30 or 60-minute live coaching session. Plus up to another hour of your own time to watch pre-recorded videos and completion of homework.

Question: I have special dietary requirements, is this going to be a problem

Not at all. You will be asked to provide dietary requirements before the program starts so that can be taken into account when having out live cooking coaching sessions.

Question: Do I need to a full equipped kitchen to be able to start the program.

You don’t need a lot to easily cook yourself healthy eating habits. Basic kitchen equipment will get you started. We can evaluate together what you own and evaluate together any essentials you need to add to your kitchen arsenal to support your cooking needs.

Easily embrace healthier delicous eating habits and improve your well-being!

This 3-month program will support you in prioritising healthier eating habits so you will feel motivated to cook the food that will make you feel good and you’ll never ignore your self-care needs ever again!


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