lentil mushrooms ragu
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Lentil mushroom ragu pasta

This easy and simple lentil mushroom ragu is a great vegetarian “bolognese’ alternative if looking for a meat-free option. Many popular pasta dishes always contain meat. I’m thinking of bolognese, carbonara and classic meat lasagna. However, as this dish proves, no meat is needed to create a flavoursome unforgettable pasta […]

garlic mushroom pasta
Pasta, Gnocchi & Polenta, Recipes, Vegetarian

Garlic mushroom lemon pasta

Mushrooms are my latest obsession. Shitake, portabello, chestnut and even those little white button ones. If it’s a ‘shroom’, it’s grabbed my attention. So last week I decided to cook an absolute tonne with them. I’ve always been quite partial to a mushroom. But this latest fascination kicked off after […]