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pasta fagioli
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Traditional ‘Pasta e fagioli’ – pasta and beans.

‘Pasta e fagioli’ which literally translates to pasta and beans is the true representation of ‘cucina povera’ – Italian peasant cooking. Traditionally, this dish is all about using inexpensive ingredients that are easily available. Made from vegetables, pulses and pasta, this recipe is perfect for these self-isolation times we are […]

italian lentil tomato stew
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Italian lentil tomato stew

It’s the beginning of 2020; it’s a brand new decade. A new year, a fresh start for so many. Many feel the need to start a new diet, a new exercise regime or even an alternative eating plan. Not me! I may consider changes in other aspects of my life. […]

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TTI Italian Fish Seafood Soup

To all pescatarians and fish lovers, I have a recipe here for you. My TTI Italian fish seafood recipe is a dish filled with warming flavours, giving your soul a real big hug with every spoonful. This recipe is inspired by the ‘Ciuppin‘ the infamous Ligurian fish soup that I enjoyed […]