Braised, pea, lettuce & artichoke frittata

I have found a new love in ‘frittatas, and have made a number of various combinations the last few weeks. Eggs are always  in abundance in my fridge.. Great post gym meal and literally takes no more than 30 mins to prep, cook & have served on the table. I will post more combinations in the the future but here is one of my favourites today


Braised peas, lettuce & artichoke FrittataIngredients (serves 2)

4 large eggs, whisked.
1 onion
100g peas
1 small chopped gem lettuce
100ml light stock

4 grilled artichokes

Goats cheese
Olive oil
Salt & pepper

  • Switch the grill on to a high heat.
  • Fry the onion in olive oil, until translucent in a medium sized frying pan.
  • Then, add the peas and lettuce, stir and add the stock; cook for 5-10 mins until stock has evaporated.
  • Add the artichokes. Turn the heat down.
  • Season the whisked eggs and add to the frying pan
  • Make sure that the egg mixture is even in the pan.
  • Add the slices of goats cheese on top and cook for about approx 10 mins.
  • Finish cooking it in a grill. Ensure that the frittata is cooked through.

Serve up with a lush dressed green salad.

(To all those carnivores who can’t eat dinner without some level of meat, add some pancetta or bacon with the peas and lettuce and fry before adding stock)

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