5 simple easy meal planning tips

If you’re finding yourself relying heavily on takeaways or ready meals; or cooking the same meals over and over again, then maybe you’re here to kickstart your cooking mojo. However, I know it’s not always easy to know what to cook every day. So a little meal planning can really help. Now, you may find the whole idea of planning your meals boring. But it really doesn’t have to. I hope you find meal planning tips useful and make the decision of what to have for dinner less stressful. It’s all about creating new habits where you prioritise creating sexy home cooking, eating food you love which will have you feeling great (or saucy!).

5 Top Tips to sexy meal planning in the week

  1. Check your diary.

Most of us have a diary that we keep to plan events, appointments etc. So checking what you’re week looks like is super useful to help plan some home-cooked meals. You can then work out which evenings you have free to cook a sexy meal, or maybe you need to plan some quick meals as things are a little hectic. Knowing what you need ahead means you only ask yourself what you’re going to eat once a week, not every day.

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2. Eat food your love

When kickstarting your cooking mojo, it’s important to think of dishes that you love to eat. Or recipes that include your favourite ingredients. Food should be pleasurable as well as giving us the energy we need to survive during the day. Sometimes we often cook and eat the same dishes over and over again as it’s the ‘easier option’ but with all things, variety is key to happiness. So ask yourself what food would make you happy?

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3. Find your recipes online

Now you know what you would like to eat, you can look up those recipes online. There are millions and millions of recipes to choose from. Searching with keywords such as ‘easy’, ‘quick’ or ‘simple’ will help you find recipes that will take into consideration your needs. Find one that fits your needs and take note of the recipe or bookmark it.

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4. Create your shopping list

Next, create a shopping list with what you need to cook these new sexy dishes. Then check what you already have at home in the fridge or store cupboard. This will reduce the number of ingredients you need to buy.

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5. Make time and prioritise your cooking

It’s now all about making time to go food shopping (or place an online shop, if you don’t have time) and cooking. Doing your food shop once a week rather than going back and forth to the supermarket will also give you back time. Plus I find writing in your calendar or diary what you’re planning to cook each evening at the beginning of the week will also help you feel organised and feel less stressed about deciding what to cook or eat.

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