New York-Kin Shop: Contemporary Thai

In my everyday job, I got given the opportunity to go to the East side of the US of A; AKA an opportunity to try some local cuisine (after all my hard grafting at the office, of course)

First stop, was a night in the amazing Big Apple (NY) and I was lucky to to have dinner with my fabulous friend Greg; who, like me can talk about food all day ,plus pull some awesome ‘foodie’ faces when sampling food. And pull faces we did, at ‘KIN SHOP’ on 6th avenue (

This place was amazing. A Contemporary Thai restaurant playing the best in Hip-Hop while we ate. You could not make this combination up!! It had a great vibe and I could tell it was a popular establishment. We were lucky to get in, as originally we were told there was no room without a reservation. However, while we started to walk away, we were lucky to get called back in and given 2 places at the bar. (Dining at the bar is by far, one of my favourite things in life).

Anyways, I wont bore you with any more details and will get down to what we ate.

Dinner at Kin Shop
Dinner at Kin Shop

We started with these gorgeous Crispy Rotis, with a selection of tasting condiments. Including  a coconut & gooseberry dip. Mmmmmmmm

Then for our mains, we did not mess about and ordered a selection.

A vegetarian dish: Black Rice Noodle salad (choy sum, hon-shimeji, pattypan squash & fermented plum sauce)

For Meat lovers: Massaman: Braised Goat   (withfried shallots, purple yams, mustard greens & toasted coconut)

Pescetarians: And a Branzino special served with stir fried veg (can’t remember too much else) It was so good tho.

All dishes were just full of so many diverse flavours.  In just one mouthful, you would start with one group flavours and finish up with another. I don’t think my mouth knew what was happening. I can guarantee tho, that there was some serious face pulling to the max.

If you get to go to NY and visit Kin Shop, I seriously recommend that you try these dishes, especially the Massaman Goat. I dont think I will ever taste anything like this again.

Service: 4

Food: 5


Overall score: 12/15




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  1. hungry already and way excited about upcoming trip to NYC… will do my best to get to Katz’s and send my feedback!

    So. Any recommendations for Philly?!



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