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I have been wanting to come to Forza Win in Peckham since I moved down to south London a couple of years ago. I had heard of their seasonal projects but hadn’t managed to get tickets for their limited seated events. So their ‘awesome sauce’ night on Wednesdays appealed to me as there was no need for upfront commitment. I could walk in at any point and get my food on. Pasta and glass of wine for a tenner. Got to be winning right? Me, being a Pasta lover, I could not wait to try their dishes.

Forza Win is located in Unit 4.1, 133 Copeland Road SE15 3SN, at the back of the Bussey Buiding on Rye lane in Peckham.  In a converted cash & carry, these guys have set up permanent residence recently. There is an open kitchen & bar area along one side of the converted area, with long wooden tables & benches set up for social dining down the middle; very Italian styley.

Forza Win Peckham
Forza Win Peckham
Open from 6 to 11pm every Wednesday, you can purchase a pasta dish and drink (wine, beer or soft drink) for £10. There are two pasta dishes to choose from; one for meat eaters and the other is veggie.

Forza Win Peckham Menu
Forza Win Peckham Menu
Tonight there was a Three day ragu spaghetti (meat) and for the veggies, a Pumpkin, Kale & ricotta mix. There was a also a couple of sides to choose from; Rainbow carrots & pecorino and Tomato & toasted almond salad. I opted for the carrots and shared each of the pasta dishes with my pals.

Forza Win - Pasta
Forza Win – Pasta
Forza Win Carrots & Pecorino
Forza Win Carrots & Pecorino
When the food turned up, I was happy to see that the portions were of a healthy size. If there is one thing that can frustrate me when you eat pasta out, is when places feed you no more than 3 mouthfuls on a plate.

Both plates of pasta tasted good and the side of carrots & pecorino was tasty.

However, if I have to be honest, though I did enjoy my meal and so did my girls, we came to an agreement that we were expecting the food to be slightly better, in particular the pasta. Like I mentioned before, we thought that the food was good. However, for someone who cooks and eats pasta regularly, I am looking for dishes that pack a punch, masses of flavour; something that makes me emotional, from the moment I taste it. Considering that these were the only 2 main dishes to choose from, I expected these to be cooked at a higher standard. The veggie dish of pumpkin, kale & ricotta was my favourite out of the two, but only because I felt that the 3 day ragu tasted more like a 3 hour one.  Possibly lack of seasoning or quality of ingredients or maybe a lack of love.  I feel I may have cooked better ragus myself. Sorry!

However, I don’t want to be a downer at the whole experience. My expectations were set high and what else would you expect from a half Italian pasta lover, who has eaten some exceptional pasta dishes from the fatherland. I’m pretty sure that most people would be more than happy with the food.

The ambience is fab and social. I really liked the location and its great place to go to after work, especially if you live locally in south east London. Everyone is there for the same reason; to have a bit of dinner and a drink on a budget and catch up with friends;  I think this is a great location for satisfying those 3 things. It does feel like a ‘cool’ place to be.

Even though, I have my own opinion on the food, I will come back again one Wednesday. I will just have lower food expectations and maybe next time I will be pleasantly surprised.



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